This morning, while brushing my teeth, I began to see through the mirror; not into the mirror but right through it. Beyond the mirror, I saw a beautiful marionette theater suspended alone in the cosmos with countless stars all around. The lighting on the stage was soft but pleasantly clear and vivid and on the valance above the stage in classic English lettering the name of the theater appeared, THE DIVINE PLAYHOUSE THEATER. I saw only one person sitting in the audience — me. The well-lighted stage was full of players and stage props and the hero puppet of the opening play looked exactly like me.

A very large marionettist’s hand, labeled Jack’s spirit – soul, appeared from behind the figure of me still sitting alone before the stage. I watched the hand stretch out and hover just behind the valance as strings appeared where they attached to the players and up to the large hand above. The players began to move reflecting the graceful motion of the marionettist’s hand and a soundtrack of American music began to play.

I dropped my toothbrush in the sink and tried to quickly reach through the mirror to touch the scene but painfully jammed my fingers on the glass which brought me back to reality. While holding my throbbing fingers, I laughed out loud and did a little dance right there in my tidy whiteys.



One PLAYHOUSE PLAYER is interviewing another who is a great artist. The artist is not our hero that we spoke of above; just one of history’s great artists.

FIRST PLAYER: What is your life about these days?

SECOND PLAYER: Finding the truth.

First player: But, we can see in your art that you have found the truth.

Second player: Well, like God, I never get tired of revealing His truth, over and over.