A couple of years ago I recounted to you all a beautiful experience I had about being alone in the woods and very carefully and quietly watching a big black snake joyfully frolicking in a big fresh puddle of water. I was absolutely amazed by this snake because I was raised in our great Western Civilization where the snake, especially back then, was considered by most people to be bad, very bad, actually evil……. This amazing scene was definitely a great consciousness expander for me. I could practically hear a great number of my mental files and boxes, where I had my very strong beliefs stored, being wildly and enthusiastically cleaned out and reorganized in my brain. What on earth does this mean, I heard myself thinking.

Well, it took me years to realize that a snake is REAL, a creation of God and that the mental concoctions of man, (concepts, theories, religions, metaphors, ferry tales, etc.) are real to man but how real are they to God? People struggle mightily, me included, to truly understand their creator, God Almighty, but we have to loosen up and learn to see through our crap, our walls, and our fears if we are to even hope to grow in our understanding of our creator.

Snake is just like the rest of us and our children, he needs to play in any magical, beautiful, rejuvenating way he can to remember how miraculous he is and cast off all the stigmas placed on him.