Yesterday, I wrote about how no matter what seems to be the truth of what’s going on in the world, God’s plan is going on behind the scene, behind what we see and hear; uninterrupted, unaffected, and unchanged by what we see as negative or positive.

Likewise, beneath the surface of everyday life we are not humans but Christ, members of the body of Christ, functions of Christ, servants to each other as we are served by each other, instruments of God-All-Mighty through Christ.

The strength of our world depends solely on our understanding of and love for each other and for God-All-Mighty through Christ revealed by Jesus.

My constant goal is to see the presence of Christ in the world, in your face, in your actions, and in your life, then I will have the mind of
Christ and the world I see before me will have dramatically changed because Christ will have revealed Himself in me as me, unfolding eternity for me.

No matter what our senses, our fears, or human logic tells us, I live for you and you live for me in this reality Jesus Christ, through God-All-Mighty, has created for us, and we can have an incredibly wonderful life here if we remember to always, always, always keep God first, even before spouse, children, mother, father, sister, brother, money, position, reputation, home, cars or self, like the very first commandment says because without Jesus Christ, without God we would not have one breath or one thought, we would not even exist.