When I picked up my pen this morning to write my post for today, a piece I’d read earlier after my prayers came to mind. The excerpt was from that little book the Mystery Lady gave me all those decades ago. To this day, I keep it handy on my desk; this little book has done some traveling. The excerpt was about the infinite, eternal spirit that is always with me in every finite experience of my life. It is such an awesome thought that I wanted to share it with you as people have shared it for thousands of years: The invisible creator of our total reality is ever present.

Anyway, the Super Slide was a fantastic providential gift for me; it immediately established a routine of work, time to study my books and plenty of opportunities to go blow it out with all my new friends I’d met at work.

I was never privy to the balance sheet and the bottom line of the Super Slide, but I never doubted that the owner’s expectations were well on track. The owners were easy to work for and generous. I was conscientious about my duties and very grateful; especially for the social life that came with all the young, single moms and big sisters that were steady customers.

As big, ambitious and impossible as my decision to reinvent the wheel was, I was, in my estimation, making satisfactory progress. I had made a decision that to understand how I had failed in my life I had to understand what I called the fruits of man and I meant all the fruits of man, the good and the bad. I needed to understand life from the ground up. In college I had taken all the courses designed to tame and make an informed, a philosophically discerning human being out of me, but obviously, the designers had underestimated what it would take to accomplish this job in an ego-centered, football successful person like I was at that time.

However, thank God I had been pared down several notches since then. So, now, I was reading anything and everything from science and religion to philosophy and Astrology with a new attitude. And, of course, I’d get out the little mystery book when the spirit moved me and try to grasp some of the unfathomable leaps the author steadily threw at me. I was even reading several other books by the same author to help me some day, I hoped, to understand the little book. It was so perplexing how at times I thought maybe I had it, I’d see this fleeting beauty, but then later it would be gone.

This went on for months; life had purpose and meaning, and I was feeling happy in my little world. However, the providential winds were blowing again.