The height of ignorance is walking through our world every day labeling everything we experience with our five senses as good or bad because everything in the world and the world itself is not good or bad, it just IS, the world is neutral and we and only we give our world and everything in our world meaning for ourselves, individually. I don’t give the things and situations in your world meaning, only you do that, our personal worlds are neutral, then we, with help from everyone we know all our lives and our personal experience with our world decide the meaning of everything for us………. The process of forging our relationship with the world starts when, as tiny babies, we lock onto mama and daddy and experience safety and delicious food, we experience security; our senses begin our reasoning process with the world right there.

Saying things are good or bad, is simply a person reacting to something that they have long ago categorized as conducive or unconducive, pleasant or unpleasant to their needs or wants; things that are unknown to them they are just very cautious with until they get them categorized.

Some people get the rug pulled out from under them and their whole little system of assessing reality, everything that they thought was right, gets smashed to pieces on the ground when they fall; the very ground shakes and quakes beneath them. These are very fortunate people if they have the courage and strength to accept this as an amazing gift to, hopefully, keep them from crashing again; however, many cling to their old guidance system, try to ground themselves with booze, drugs, love relationships, violence, or a combination of all the above and more. Some, in time, are jolted into a very rich new reality and begin to really grow spiritually.