As I was walking across my yard today from the mailbox, as I do most days, I stopped, as I do most days, and took in this gorgeous miraculous world God has given me to live in, I never tire of the vibrant beauty of the plants, trees, and grass that embraces my home and neighborhood. Today, as I stood in the dazzling sunlight gazing far, far off onto the broad blue sky, in my mind’s eye, out past the sun, I could see the incredible array of fantastic stars, some thousands of times larger than our sun, comets, asteroids, meteors, supernovas, and countless fantastic galaxies stretched out into infinity. In that epiphany moment, I realized that it takes every one of these heavenly bodies and the invisible but powerful fabric of space to support and even make possible this tiny little planet we know as Earth where God does his very best work every moment of every night and day, Hallelujah, praise be to our Father, God Almighty.