It was Christmas Eve morning and the Bradly home was full of the spirit of the season; father had the day off and mom was checking her list of last-minute things to be done but three-years-old Danny, who was always talking about something, was as quiet as a mouse.

“Danny”, his mother said, “why so quiet this morning?”

Danny looked up from his cereal bowl and said, “Mama, remember last night when you were tucking me in and we were saying our prayers to Jesus about how happy and thankful we are for our life and how He takes real good care of us and both my grandmas and grandpas and our strong warm house, and then at the end, we always say that special prayer for Jesus to bring us a new baby brother or sister?”

“Yes, Danny, because the doctor said I couldn’t have any more children, that it would take a miracle for me to have another baby.”

“Well, Mama, I don’t know why, but after you turned out the light and I was just thinking and maybe sleeping some when a big, big prayer just came right up out of my heart to Jesus and Santa Claus that if we could have a new baby brother I would give all my Christmas toys and presents to the needy children anywhere Santa Claus could find them and suddenly Jesus and Santa Claus was right there and said that would be O.K. and Jesus promised He was starting right then making my brother.”

Danny’s father turned to his wife with a big grin on his face as a slight blush crossed her face and she, without a word, headed for the bathroom where she kept a pregnancy test kit.

She came back with a look on her face that matched the prayer from Danny’s heart. She grabbed Danny up and said, “honey, you don’t have to give up your Christmas toys, you gave Jesus, Santa Claus, and the whole world, your faith, the greatest gift you could possibly give.”