I have a new friend; a very kind and interesting man whose greatest interest in life, after his family and friends, are the great and almost miraculous accomplishments of humans; like, the great pyramids, fantastic buildings around the world, bridges, dams, also rockets and space exploration, undersea investigation, and the many fantastic areas of physics —- but after reading some of my pieces about things unseen and being a very confident and honest person he said, “Jack, you have presented your ideas pretty well but they strike me as actually —- infeasible. I can’t get my head around your claim that God is appearing as everything seen and unseen; every creature, every planet, moon, star, and atom, and that God is appearing as me and you.”

Apparently, I had been anticipating this remark from him because without any thought I said, “Ben, if you had never seen or heard of a Dragonfly or a Butterfly and someone described these little creatures and their incredible, aerial, acrobatic talents to you in detail, do you think you would have believed them?” I went on and said, “Ben, I think it’s like a person who has been raised by people who didn’t believe in God and then somehow find themselves in a community of devout Christians where they learn, to their great amazement, that knowing and understanding of God isn’t by seeing Him in material form but by being aware of His presence, His Spirit; they learn that the five human senses cannot detect the presence of God, they’re shown in the Bible where it says that Christ said, “My Kingdom is not of this world,” they learn about the spiritual sense that we receive by God’s grace, they learn about faith.”

Ben just looked at me and said, “Dragonflies and Butterflies, they would seem unbelievable. Let me get back to you on all this, Jack.” He just walked away to his car. I can’t wait till the next time I see him.