In the shower this morning an imaginary friend in my head was chastising me again about my belief that life is a school that all God’s children, no exceptions, must graduate from but in the end must realize that, even though they learn all the lessons of the school, the school itself was never real; only the lessons are real, the school is just a little, cosmic, comedy/drama theater with unreal, illusory stage props that seem very real but aren’t; they’re really just there to help you understand the incredible truth your moving into. Where you find situations so hard and emotionally frightening that you may believe without a doubt that if that one certain person, your true love, leaves you you’ll absolutely, without a doubt, die, from the emotional wound to your heart.

I came right back at him, one more time, “Come on, Joe, you know this world we live in, that we sometimes love and sometimes hate, is nothing but our own human senses objectified, made real, by a gift that God gives us to make this life seem totally real…… life and death real……. It takes a real boogieman like death to scare a human; it takes much more than words, stories, academic principles, pencils, paper, rulers, and notebooks like we got in regular school, first grade through college to — FULLY — convince us that we are the children of God. We need a very real school because our prize when we finally graduate, finally get it, finally give up this world of pain and fear is absolutely beyond the miraculous. It’s so hard to believe we’re really worth it.”

My friend is definitely, a “Doubting Thomas” who is so afraid to let go of his materialistic lifeline and accept that his real lifeline if he’s ever to have a real-life, is his human brain’s connection to God’s universal, infinite, eternal mind which is our total future after graduation. ……. Talk about your ironies of ironies ……. of course, even if you have this epiphany and can write the whole truth out with your own pen on your own paper. it’s a hell of a lot easier said than believed and known for sure in total faith. That’s why we have to keep living out one life experience after another ‘till we learn the lessons and dismiss the school ourselves and graduate in full faith. …… that reminds me, I’ve got to go to my humanly objectified store and buy myself some humanly objectified pencils and paper.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, that hurts; I got some humanly objectified soap in my humanly objectified eyes; that soap really does feel real.