Jesus and the Angel leadership is sitting around a very large table on the great sweeping stage at the Cosmic Comedy/Drama Theater remembering joyous stories about some of the souls that are graduating this day from the school of life and moving on to their next level of being. The Angel leadership around the table before Jesus represents the incalculable number of Angels that watch over the incalculable number of souls that God continuously creates and sends into the school of life and on to eternity. The Angels watch over these souls for centuries while they spiritually mature through lifetimes of human comedy and drama; victory, anguish, exaltation, defeat, humiliation, and finally to true wisdom and surrender; ready to be joined with Christ, with God; ready for that place Christ has prepared for them in eternity.

The love and joy in the great hall are incalculable as a large angel raises his arms and voice and pronounces to the incalculable throng that no soul shall be left behind; that there is no such thing as failing, that all are complete in God’s truth; that their minds are now clear, and they are receiving the centuries of memories of the hundreds of lives they lived to reach the full understanding of their oneness with God and with each other. There is an incredible uproar as the incalculable body of souls graduating and those attending from many, many other levels share in God’s infinite mind the incalculable love and joy of the moment………. AMEN.


Please, no one get incensed; I’m not trying to change anyone’s beliefs. I just wanted to share what, for me, is a soul-warming little thought. I’m sure my little thought can’t compare with the truth we will receive on that day when we move to a higher understanding of our heavenly father’s plan for us.