Early in my young adulthood, I reached a daunting, fateful crossroad; I was a physically powerful young man but confounded and bewildered by a frightening lack of self-worth. I was suffering mightily from being revealed to myself to lack real character.

To make a Long story short, my spiritual intuition told me to mount my big red horse of pride and courage, or what was left of them, and ride straight into hell and ask the residence there to teach me why I didn’t belong there or want to be there, they happily accommodated me.

Twenty years later in a quiet little meeting room near Nashville, Tennessee seven very ordinary-looking people or to me they seemed like angels were sitting at a table with one extra chair; they indicated that the chair was for me and that I had earned it, (I was a full-fledged alcoholic) and no one would or could ever take my place, my chair in recovery from me. I was attending the AA meeting where I, with the help of God and these people, would lift myself to victory over addiction one day at a time. Thirty-three years later I am still victorious every day, one day at a time, come hell or high water.

After eight wonderful years of recovery and having my life given back to me, my spiritual intuition told me to write. Very often, the poetry and poetic pieces came to me almost like taking diction; all I would have to do was shape, edit, and refine the pieces. The messages were clear to me, but I was amazed at the unusual phrasing and word use.

The name of the book is, I SEE – Mystical and Other Spirited Poetry and Poetics. Get it on Amazon for ($5.99) See what I saw and feel the love I feel in the mystery of the Christ.

If you want to know what my father gave me after our life long horrendous and sometimes violet relationship, and on his death bed, it’s in the first poetic piece in the book.

If you want to know what the snake told me as I struggled with him and believed I was dying, it’s in the poetic piece, Death-Throes, on page 33.

If you want to know about the God Pen; a scathing but beseeching invitation into oneness, read page 39.

If you want to experience my lessons in the great joys and pains of love, it’s in the third section of the book.

Wait, Wait, Wait, don’t read the final piece in the book until you have read all the rest; you won’t fully understand that last piece if you don’t wait.