Every morning, the first thing I do before I even open one eye or put one foot on the floor is check and made sure The Jesus Christ Power and Light Company is running strong and smooth; and, it always is.

Then I’m up and about the business of preparing myself for the day; Sometimes, it’s hard to even get my hygiene stuff done before my mind and spirit takes off into gratitude and giving thanks for the gifts of the Jesus Christ Power and Light Company. On my liveliest days I might even start dancing and maybe singing, giving praise and thanks for my home and my amazing life experience.

Most of the time I can get still long enough to get through my favorite prayers, a few minutes of Tai Chi, and finally take my coffee to the back porch where I always get into some wonderful contemplation and pondering; This is where Jesus Christ Power and Light often really amps up the spiritual juice and I may be removed to a place beyond things and thoughts, a place where I’m totally alone with the Creator in deep meditation – The love just rises up in me straight from the J. C. P. & L. Co.

Honestly, many times these experiences will just come on me in the bathroom or at the kitchen sink or just riding or walking down the road. Also, just the face of a fellow child of God will most often open me right up with a smile full of joy…………. Thank you, Holy Spirit, — compliments of the Jesus Christ power and light Company.