I love new ideas about God. Of course, there are no new ideas about God, but there are ideas about Him that are new to me and when one comes to me I really love it.

I was thinking of God musing over his favorite toy that he created and has had forever; His kaleidoscope that, Instead of having fragments of colored glass, beads, pieces of colored plastics, pebbles, metals and mirrors in it, has people, places, things, situations, and conditions.

It’s the perfect instrument for God to put all His creations into and have a never ending array of experiences to give Him endless pleasure. God just turns it notch after notch and sees all His creations in every situation and condition there ever could be, and of course, He put more good in this kaleidoscope than bad to ensure its eternal longevity, unless, He decides to destroy it. I guess destroying things can always be a fun thought if you retain enough kid in you.

Of course, since creation is all in the mind of God, the destruction wouldn’t be the real end of anything because it wouldn’t be real destruction; it would just be a thought gone, poof.