It’s a common theme in spiritual teachings to look for God in everything and everyone during our everyday life. I love to practice this, so let me share one very comforting example with you. It’s about the similarity between how I receive my vital supply of water every day and my supply of my creator’s love, spiritual inspiration and guidance.

Every town receives its water supply from a reservoir of some sort which is filled by rain. Then, by a system of cleansing, treating, and dissemination, it reaches my house where it goes through my water meter into my home plumbing system to my faucets. Beautiful; from a huge reservoir, I turn on my faucet and receive fresh, sweet water to wash my face and have a wonderful revitalizing glass of water.

So, to compare, God is infinite, that’s our reservoir. However, from this reservoir, there is no need for cleansing or a meter to calculate any cost. There is just an instantaneous dissemination of pure love and grace which one might describe as flowing by way of the Christ to earth, to individual nations and to individual homes where, whether or not people subscribe to the system they still receive from the spiritual faucet the living waters pouring out to all, revealing to all, if they are open to it, their holy inheritance of eternal life and love.