Timing is such a simple thing to recognize, to feel. I remember the good feeling when a friend taught me how to time the engine in my car. I remember the wonderful expansion of my consciousness when I took the time to understand the precision in the changing of the seasons; how the earth had to reach the exact degree in the zodiac to begin each successive season, and I could feel it in the atmosphere around me. I’ll never forget the beautiful, ongoing experience of learning to write songs; the joy of creating my first lyric and marrying it to the melody while the beat of the drummer in my head kept me in time.

However, unlike the timing of a beautiful, precision engine or the seasons of the earth, the timing of our lives is not so easy to see, to calculate and manage. There are just too many moving parts, infinite inflections and variables on each part to contend with. There just isn’t any beautiful mathematics or theories to capture anyone’s life experience except in a mysterious spiritual or artful abstraction.

I’ll tell anyone how I love Christ and Quantum physics, but until they experience it themselves it’s just an abstraction.

Life is a beautiful, fluid apparition. I can’t control it. It’s an exquisite, mysterious dance that puts no boundaries on love, joy or creativity. So, I endlessly seek those wiser than me to help me find my way on what I believe is an eternal voyage.