Jack Shinholser

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STAR JUMPER Once in a species? +++++++++ A short story Jeremiah Jumper, like his grandfather, was an unusually shaped human being but unlike his grandfather, he was six feet six inches tall, and his legs were sixty-six percent of the …

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LUBRICANTS I love, love, looooove lubricants, I looooove all kinds of lubricants; natural lubricants, body lubricants, social lubricants, synthetic lubricants, romance lubricants, financial lubricants, smile and laughter lubricants, and tit for tat lubricants, but two of my very favorite lubricants …

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PARABLES AND METAPHORS Every morning after you read or listen to all the calamitous news of the day remember that God’s work goes on uninterrupted, unaffected or unchanged by anything, negative or positive, you hear or see because all the …

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE This morning I’ve been thinking about love, thinking about life, about purpose, yours and mine. Does love have a purpose or is love the author of all purpose? Long consideration of this mystery of life revels to …

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PERSPECTIVE Since I arrived in this life, that Shakespeare so poetically calls a stage, Science has figured out that the universe, which they contend was authored by the Big Bang, is about fourteen and a half billion years old; however, …

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INCALCULABLE Jesus and the Angel leadership is sitting around a very large table on the great sweeping stage at the Cosmic Comedy/Drama Theater remembering joyous stories about some of the souls that are graduating this day from the school of …

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