Like everyone else, I’ve been staring at our world here lately in disbelief at what clearly seems to be obvious insanity; however, I know this is God’s world and therefore can not be insane, so my mind has been offering me the word irony that I believe better suits what I’m seeing.

To feel more certain about switching from the word insanity to irony I looked up irony in the dictionary, the thesaurus, and even the encyclopedia. Sure enough, this word fits the bill perfectly for me and makes me feel spot on in using it to describe and reveal what I see in our country and the rest of the world —– a severe loss of understanding of the union between us and our creator.

I have never seen or heard of a more incredible irony than watching mankind with all his access to incredible knowledge and wisdom from every corner of the earth right at his fingertips yet writhes in anguish and disbelief that his world has fallen into the hands of every kind of despicable snake and criminal ever known.

God has put his truth in every language ever invented for at least the last five thousand years and made it available by multiple sources and methods yet man complains that all these old smell books are too complicated, contradictory, too foreign, and hard to understand. And, now the probability seems very high that we will if any of us survive have to start over and build another world for the snakes and criminals to burn down.

Well, as I’ve said before: God loves us beyond compare and has infinite patients, so we have eternity to get it right but surely there is a better way to spend our eternal gift of life.

I could have said the above in a much easier, briefer way; I could have just said, we humans are seriously off the track from God, wondered off God’s path, wandered deeper and deeper into the wilderness of ego and self-involvement but I feel compelled to share these points from different angles. I know for me it’s taken many different angles and lifetimes to see just some of these basic truths. Can you imagine seeing reality with the eyes of Christ; that’s what my task is if I understand the Bible correctly.