I saw the news yesterday about the shooting in a synagogue in California. My reaction was much like my reaction to all the horrible news that we’re inundated with constantly; first I winced and swallowed the bitter taste of the pain that I allowed myself to acknowledge and feel over this kind of horrible news and then quickly diverted my attention away to something else.

We swallow so much pain every day these days and in time, like any human child of God, our normal defense is to become jaded, survival is first when the pain becomes too great, we retreat behind shields of disinterest, callousness and the need to protect our sanity.

The story was just too much or I should say, the story within the story of the woman who jumped in front of the Rabbi to take the bullet from the killer’s gun, was too much. She, without thought, passionately gave her life to save the man of God that she loved just as Jesus Christ allowed himself to be nailed to the cross to show humanity what love is; to show that love will lay down its life to demonstrate its power over death ……. I let myself cry today for this woman’s immense statement of the love of God that she and Christ revealed to us once again.